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We are a congregation of the United Church of Canada and share in the beliefs of the national church. In May 2010, we completed our Affirming Ministries process, and voted to become an Affirming Ministry: being open to our welcome to all regardless, in particular, of sexual orientation and gender identity. Please check out our Mission and Values Statement for further information.


Russell Mitchell-Walker is a Diaconal Minister, a ministry in the United Church that focuses on Educational, Social, and Pastoral Ministry. His ministry of over 25 years has had a wide variety of experiences, including congregational ministry with children, youth and young adults, community development with youth in the community, church and on the street, and National Youth staff with the United Church. He has been in Regina for 14 years and was in team ministry at Sunset United Church from 2000 to 2012. Russell’s family includes his husband Brian (25 years in 2013!) and their two sons, Tyler and Cody. He has a passion for social justice and working for the inclusion of all in the church and society especially children, youth and LGBT folk. A growing interest is understanding what it means to live out being an Intercultural church, honouring the stories and differences of all in the community. Russell is also committed to exploring what it means to be church in today’s society and looking at doing things differently to address the needs of those who see themselves as spiritual but not religious.

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​Minister Emeritus

Reverend Ken Powers and his life partner Mary Belle began attending Eastside after Ken’s retirement from ordained ministry. Emerging as a gentle and visionary leader among the Eastside people, Ken was invited to be Minister Emeritus in 2005.

Office and Communications Coordinator

Becca Anderson is coordinating communications at Eastside.

"Eastside has been such a caring and supporting community to me, I am excited to serve such lovely and supportive people!"

music ministry

Eastside has a number of exceptional musicians who bring unique gifts and distinct playing styles to their music ministry.  Michelle Dickie and Josh Hendricksen are two of the people you will see regularly playing piano. Ethan Williams and Maureen Hughes coordinate music for worship services and work with our choir for special seasonal services. And of course, the reputation of our incredible worship band Arise! speaks for itself!

Eastside United is a happy, healthy affirming ministry blessed to be in shared space with Bread of Life Lutheran and Immanuel Anglican Churches. For many years, we have enjoyed our current location on Doan Drive after serving as a Mission Congregation in east Regina.​


Eastside United Church

3018 Doan Drive Regina SK S4V 1M1 CA.


our staff

Our congregation

As an affirming ministry, we are very deliberate about making people feel welcome at Eastside – and we are thankful for the wondrous diversity of individuals and families that our congregation encompasses!

When at Eastside, you may encounter families looking to introduce their kids to Christianity and other faith traditions; young people who are actively involved in meaningful and challenging worship services; “empty nesters” who derive deep satisfaction from the personal connections they’ve formed with other Eastsiders; and seniors who are the spiritual sages forming the strong foundation underlying our church community.

We all come to Eastside from different places and for different reasons, and we are accepting of this simple fact as well. Some members of Eastside attend because they feel passionately about putting their faith into action and having a positive impact through church community projects.  Others enjoy the music and worship offered on Sunday mornings. Still others relish the opportunity to challenge themselves on their faith journey in a safe and welcoming setting through the “More than Sunday” programs that Eastside offers.

We are not a “one size fits all” congregation. We welcome people at all stages of their faith journey. Tough questions are welcome too! 

Eastside is like a second home to me. A second family. People here are so accepting and kind, so nurturing and respective, so open-minded and sweet. This is more than a church. This is more than Sunday morning worships. This is more than spirituality. This is about a group of people who will always have my back, who will support me no matter what, and a place where I can go when I have nowhere else to turn. This is about finding a place where I belong. Having a group of people who love me for me. Eastside is about more than church, Eastside is about belonging. ~ Taylor B.
I've been at Eastside since 2008. Fun loving, progressive, safe, comfortable, challenging, humble, caring and thought-provoking. You should come :D ♥  ~ Rachel M.

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